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the packaged uniform, isn't it cute;

work hard, keep up, you'll receive your reward when your time comes. あっせんふー

Lucky ☆ Star
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Welcome to the Lucky Star community. This is a general community; discussion, icons, fanart and fanfiction, and everything else is welcome here.

1. Please stay on topic. That is, the Lucky Star anime and yonkoma, characters, mangaka, or news.
2. Filesharing is not legal in most places. All pirate booty must be placed in friends-locked entries.
3. Respect the other members of the community. Don't start any drama here, k? K.
4. In addition to respecting other members of the community, also respect their wishes. Please place spoilers, questionable content, and large images behind lj-cuts. If you don't know how to use a lj-cut, copy and paste the following: <lj-cut text="SUM TEXT HERE.">UR CONTENT HERE.</lj-cut>.
5. If you have questionable content, please place warnings outside the lj-cut. *QUESTIONABLE CONTENT includes fanart or fanfiction over PG-13.
6. Do not spam this community. This is not a spam or promotion community. The only promotions allowed are other communities related to Lucky Star (like Lucky Star rating communities or Lucky Star icon communities). However, please don't make that your only contribution to this community.
7. If you break the rules, I pull out all your pubic hair.